Hip Hop/Soul artist Kynard released his debut album “Get Thru The Day” in 2017.  “Get Thru The Day” was met with praise for its unique combination of hip hop and soul.  Kynard’s push forward in 2018 was a yearlong project called #FreestyleFriday where he released a new music video freestyle over some of hip hop’s greatest beats as well as some originals.   In 2019 Kynard traveled across the United States documenting his journey as an independent artist networking and building a fan base alike while pushing his most recent single “No Otha Place”.  Currently Kynard is focused on multiple projects such as hosting a podcast called the “Dope Dialogue” where he provides insight into his philosophies on life and entertaining take on current news.   As well Kynard has dropped multiple comedy sketches where he is entertainingly funny and insightful.  Also, forthcoming is a documentary telling his journey from his beginnings to the culmination of his cancelled SXSW Music Festival Showcase due to COVID19 and how he has dealt with the pandemic as an artist.

Kynard has fused Hip Hop, Soul, and smooth melodies to create a sound that can only be described as his own. Currently located and performing in Austin, TX he was raised in the Midwest for most of his life. Kynard was influenced by 90s R&B as well as the sounds of West Coast Hip Hop and East Coast lyricism. Taking in the combination of those rhythmic sounds, his interpretation is fresh, with a bold voice filled with insight of the stories from the many walks of his life. Only now has he decided to share his stories musically.